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beautiful scenic valley of canyon mountains


Immerse yourself within a forest with its ever-changing wildlife and let Mother Nature surprise you (she will). BUILD A CAMPFIRE. There’s no better way to take in the outdoors than having a woodfire as your centerpiece for good times with family and friends. Toast a marshmallow or grill a hotdog. Have a drink and enjoy the flames as they conjure up good spirits in a relaxing atmosphere. COOK DINNER OUTDOORS on your patio or choose to dine at a restaurant that offers outside seating. It’s true, somehow food does taste better when eating outdoors.


Ride a bike through a local park, along a mountain trail or in your neighborhood. Enjoy the natural surroundings as you coast under the trees, with leafy green bushes and plants on both sides. Exercising outdoors benefits the mind, body and soul. SPEND MORE TIME ON YOUR PORCH, balcony or deck. Enjoy the weather as you read the paper, check your email or sit down with a favorite book. Take in a nap and let a mild breeze be your blanket. Sleep never felt so good breathing in the fresh, outside air. Find a place in the evening hours where you can GAZE AT A SKY FILLED WITH STARS AND PLANETS. Do it with friends and discover fun and interesting conversation. It’s amazing how peaceful and calm the great sea in the sky can make you feel. WALK ALONG A COUNTRY ROAD and make sure to note the beautiful landscape without the clutter of city traffic and noise. Discover true peace and tranquility with every step as you become aware of your surroundings. LISTEN TO YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC, often, and take it with you outside. And for “your eyes only”, the great outdoors becomes a spectacular movie complete with your own personal soundtrack.


….and daydream as you become aware of your surroundings. This is called relaxing. WALK WITH SOMEONE YOU LOVE, on a beautiful day, and remind yourself how happy you are. Do it now. ENJOY A SLOW CRUISE IN YOUR CAR WITH THE WINDOWS DOWN. Get lost on unfamiliar less-traveled roads and enjoy the great feeling of the wind blowing through your hair. SPEND VACATIONS AWAY FROM HOME and travel to destinations that have wide open spaces, clean fresh air and a place to “chill”. It’s life-changing.

Spend time outside.  Invigorate your mind, body and soul.

Choose the outdoors, Mother Nature is waiting for you.

Enjoy your freedom,


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blazing orange and red colored woodfire
  1. HEAT

Stay warm the old-fashioned way.

We sometimes forget how dependent we are on electricity, oil and gas. Wood burning means, to a greater or lesser extent, energy independence which can then translate into lower heating bills. Power outages and high-priced fossil fuels are less a worry when you have access to a renewable energy resource like wood. Wood burning can be an intelligent and environmentally sound heating option for your home, whether it is used as a primary or supplemental source of heat. There’s nothing like shaking off the chill from the outdoors by instantly warming your body next to a woodstove or fireplace.



No gas or electricity needed for these tasty meals.

Food prepared using a wood fire can be a delicious upgrade to any recipe especially when using flavorful hardwoods such as Apple, Hickory or Cherry. Whether you are deep into the wilderness or in your own backyard, cooking and eating a meal outside is an excellent way to enjoy your favorite foods all while relaxing in the midst of the great outdoors. Make sure to stay in touch with Wood Burner Pro for mouthwatering recipes cooked by campfire or on the top of your woodstove.



No gym membership required!

Whether purchasing firewood or cutting your own, there will always be some type of labor required…this is not work, but exercise! When we harvest a tree to prepare it for burning we work our bodies, repeatedly lifting the tree in all its stages from the smaller pieces like the limbs and branches used for kindling to the trunk where the wood gets quite a bit heavier – then cutting, splitting and carrying until we finally light the match. Collecting wood and feeding a fire is a fun, outdoor activity where family and friends can participate – all while getting fresh air and exercise. Personally, I have never experienced a more diverse and productive workout than the one I received while heating my home with wood.



There is something hypnotic and comforting about those erratic, dancing flames of fire. Wood burners will often discover how each fire, whether indoors or out, can be soothing therapy for their souls. Toast marshmallows with the kids or kick back with friends and family enjoying drinks and story-telling. There is always a comforting presence and a mindful calmness one obtains when unwinding by those brilliant glowing flames.


Enjoy a fire,


Anyone burning wood for heat, food or fun? Let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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man with sunglasses and grey Weimaraner dog


He’s got quite the charisma as he greets you with his signature “howl and growl”. With paws the size of Texas, he likes to show them off at face level while he “double high fives”.  Sometimes scary, yea – but to know him, he’s harmless. This four-pawed, puppy-hearted, bouncing-of-a-ball personality has some good looks too, as he dances and flaunts his gray, short-haired fur coat when he’s filled with excitement. Continue reading HE’S NOT A WOOD BURNER