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man rolling large tree trunk up a wooden ramp onto a custom log splitter

HANDLING FIREWOOD – Back-Saving Tips and Tools

By Brian Zebertavage / January 22, 2021 /

BACK PAIN FROM SPLITTING FIREWOOD? Here’s What I do… It’s inevitable. If you cut, split, stack or burn firewood, you will eventually use your back muscles. There’s no getting around it. Physical activity will always play a part in your wood burning experience. Felling the tree – saw cutting small, manageable chunks – splitting those…

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camotarp stretched over wood pile with 4 orange stakes and bungee cords


By Brian Zebertavage / September 25, 2020 /

PROTECT YOUR FIREWOOD SUPPLY USING THIS QUICK AND EFFICIENT METHOD FOR SHIELDING THE ELEMENTS. Here’s another way to keep your wood supply dry. Below, see how I used bungee cords, stakes and a tarp to protect (and season) a woodpile. Don’t forget to checkout my ‘personal tips’ list too. You may never cover your wood…

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alligator chain saw tool on top of wood logs


By Brian Zebertavage / July 29, 2020 /

AS THE JAWS TAKE HOLD AND GRAB THICK BRUSH, tree limbs and large branches, the chain saw cuts through the wood. This handy tool is appropriately named The Alligator. If the landscape at your home or business is cluttered with trees and shrubs, you need to know how this Alligator can help maintain your property.…

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