restaurant that uses wood for cooking dinner


By Brian Zebertavage / January 20, 2019 /

IT WAS THE UNMISTAKABLE SWEET AROMA SWIRLING THROUGH THE AIR THAT FIRST CAUGHT MY ATTENTION. As I followed my nose, I then focused on a tall wrought iron rack, stacked high with split oak. Naturally I became curious. As I walked passed the firewood rack and through the doorway, I was transported to a scene…

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always smokin bbq sign at the joint restaurant


By Brian Zebertavage / November 2, 2018 /

THEY’RE BURNING IN THE BIG EASY! It’s early morning and a blue-sky day begins with 70° temps, and a slow rising southern sun. I’m visiting New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz, and a city renowned for its colorful parades and exuberant celebrations. Today’s adventure within this Mississippi River town lures me past venues streaming Dixieland-style…

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outdoors wood burning copper oven

This large copper dome oven burns wood to make designer pizza and desserts too!

By Wood Burner Pro / October 14, 2017 /

Wood-fired pizza! There’s nothing like the taste of pizza that was baked using firewood. If you ever get the chance to visit the Finger Lakes in New York State, be sure to stop by The Copper Oven at Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery to try some of their wood-fired pizza (their desserts are baked in the…

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