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alligator chain saw tool on top of wood logs

AS THE JAWS TAKE HOLD AND GRAB THICK BRUSH, tree limbs and large branches, the chain saw cuts through the wood. This handy tool is appropriately named The Alligator. If the landscape at your home or business is cluttered with trees and shrubs, you need to know how this Alligator can help maintain your property.

While the tool is great for managing your tree-trimming and foliage needs, it also cuts up firewood too! I use it specifically for cutting kindling wood for all my fires. It is not often I recommend products to my friends, but I have had successful experiences with using this tool. I’m proud to recommend it as one of the most practical and handy tools in my arsenal.

The Alligator offers (2) options for power: battery-operated or the electric (AC) model. I ‘ve owned the battery version for years and the tool still kicks butt.

THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE and alongside some of its work. As you can see, it really can saw cut larger branches up to 4” in diameter. I’ve cut even bigger limbs with it but it’s best to know when to use a chainsaw.

The Alligator with saw cut firewood


I needed a portable tool that would cutup small branches, logs and trees on my property…WITHOUT HAVING TO POWERUP MY CHAINSAW.

It really comes in handy for the aftermath of a storm, or heavy winds and rain. With the bad weather, I often find large branches blocking my driveway or cluttering up my yard…the alligator to the rescue! The Alligator is conveniently more capable of cutting up the smaller, fallen debris.


Here’s an honest take on using my Alligator…


SAFETY first – the chain is protected by metal guards on a retractable jaw that moves in co-ordination while expanding/retracting the handles. It also protects the chain allowing for easy storage or for when not in use. Another important safety feature is you need 2 hands grasping the unit at the same time in order for the chain to move.

CONVENIENCE – Grab and go. I always have a need for the Gator somewhere in my yard and at any given time I can simply grab the Gator and get the job done. No need to spend time gassing-up my chainsaw and donning all my safety clothing and gear.

LIGHTWEIGHT – I find I can use this tool without getting fatigued. It’s easy to transport to any location whether it’s in the woods or out your backyard as it can be tossed in the back seat of a car or truck or easily strapped to your ATV.

CUTS SIDE TO SIDE TOO – With a scissors-like action, there’s no more dulling the chain by hitting the dirt. The pic below demonstrates how I cut short, stubby tree trunks close to the ground. Also, it’s easier to cut and trim branches from a tree using this method.

Saw cutting trees/brush close to the ground

PATENTED – Black and Decker patented the jaws on the Gator and rightfully so. The clamping jaws work very well at grabbing and holding limbs, larger branches and even small trees making for an easier cut.

QUIET- I own a few chainsaws, and while they do have more power than the Gator, they are much louder too…not so with the Gator.

KINDLING WOOD – This is one of my favorite uses of the Gator. I often gather kindling wood for my fires, whether they are indoors at the wood stove or outdoors at the fire pit. The Gator is perfect for cutting up small branches and limbs for use in fires! Below is a pic of me cutting dead branches off a Hemlock. I use the branches to start my fires, plus I remove the hazard of branches protruding on the property.

Cutting small limbs for kindling wood and safety


*The chain is a bit cumbersome to remove/replace. But like a chainsaw, the more times you do this, the more efficient you become.

* If using the battery-operated version of the Alligator, it may be necessary to purchase (2) battery packs (more $$$) in order to make sure you don’t run out of power.

       *If using the electric model, you are restricted on how far you can use the tool and of course you will then have to deal with the cord. I would recommend the electric model if you plan to use the unit close to an AC outlet near your home/garage etc.

The electric model gets great reviews on Amazon…a 4 ½-star out of 5 rating! CHECK IT OUT HERE.


I totally agree with all the positive ratings it receives, in fact, it’s an AMAZON’S CHOICE (See it HERE). Even if you own a chainsaw (I have a few), I still highly recommend this tool, as it really stands on its own for cutting smaller limbs and branches. The jaws of the Gator are the trick – they grab and hold the wood while making the cut.

I am always happy to recommend a quality product that I personally own knowing it could be helpful to my friends and fellow wood burners. So I’ve done some homework and researched pricing for the Alligator. I’ve concluded one of the best deals (including free shipping) can be found HERE.

Happy saw-cutting.

Be safe.


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